Are You Contemplating The Upgrade To The LinkedIn Paid Program?

As a LinkedIn specialist, I am always on the ready to deliver good answers to the frequently asked questions. I prepare for them. After I give a talk, I anticipate them. I find that the question asked with the greatest frequency is whether one should upgrade to a paid LinkedIn account. People want to know what the advantages are and when the time is right.

My answer: Yes, and you will know when the time is right. The more skillful you become on LinkedIn, the more you will need and appreciate the features and benefits that accompany the upgrade.

The transition of LinkedIn to a paid platform has been underway for quite some time. Since early 2010, the point at which the site really started on its path of change, LinkedIn has introduced some features that seasoned users, and those gaining traction on the site, now find indispensable. In order to extol the merits of a paid subscription, LinkedIn is enticing those in its massive user base who are skating for free to make the move up by offering a 1-month FREE trial period. (You may very well have this promo message still sitting in your inbox.)

Whereas the provisions of the paid program are clearly listed in the promo, and can be easily accessed on the LinkedIn site, many people still don’t know what the advantages are, and which features they should test drive during Avatrade Linkedin Page those 30 days.

It is becoming crystal clear that on LinkedIn, you have to pay to play. Back in the day, you could effectively build your LinkedIn network at no cost. Not so anymore. Negotiating professional relationships in the Digital era requires more judicious decision-making. LinkedIn now withholds valuable information on those outside a direct connection with you, and has set limits on your depth and breadth of search. Clicks that once led you to what you needed to see now prompt “Upgrade Now” conversion attempts. Many of my clients and students have reached that impasse and see the need to opt into a paid plan.

If you are on the bubble as to whether to pop for the paid, but will accept the free trial offer, here are the questions that warrant your contemplation for those 30 days:

1). Can you stay committed to a daily LinkedIn regimen?

Building a professional network that can generate business opportunities requires time and discipline. To the uninitiated, mastering the site might seem like a long, hard climb. Not until the habit of daily use is ingrained will you see and truly appreciate the power of LinkedIn as a prime driver of business growth. If you are newbie, find your way. If you are a sporadic user who deems LinkedIn as hard labor, then you will fail to see its value. Don’t make excuses. Do what it takes in order to achieve a positive outcome. With daily use of LinkedIn comes greater agility on the site, a deeper understanding of its nuances, and an enhanced recognition of real world opportunity. Without your firm commitment to focused learning during the 30-day trial period, you will not arrive at a basis for justifying the upgrade. So invest the time. Do your homework. Bring an optimistic outlook into each LinkedIn session. Focus on the good. String together a few good sits at the computer and you will become more productive, more intuitive, and more creative on the site. Plus, you might even find it fun.

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