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Private Tour Guide in Israel-Judah Tours

11 reasons to choose a private visit in Israel

You can travel to Israel in three ways: alone, in a group or on a private visit. This article explains why private visits are preferred among the other options mentioned above.

Israel is actually a modern country with Western culture, a country where it should not be too difficult to interact. All characters are written in Hebrew and English. Most people you meet will speak basic English. There are, however, 11 reasons to prefer a private travel guide to Israel.


Flexibility – you need a route that fits your needs. The only way you can get this is with a private tour. When you are tired, you can stop and rest. If you want to modify the plan, you can do it immediately. You have the last word.

Transportation – when traveling privately, the guide drives the car. He knows the shortcuts to park the car, how to manage other Israeli drivers and he arrives in a comfortable car. Israeli drivers are less patient than driving a rental car on roads you do not know can cause an unpleasant conflict with the typical Israeli driver. At Private Tours, you have a driver’s guide that handles it easily. Another important driving problem for Israel is knowing where you are not allowed to drive for military or security reasons. Not that it’s dangerous! But avoiding incontinence is always better.

Ask questions – The private tour is the only way to answer your questions. You cannot ask as many questions as you want during a private visit. The guide will give full attention to you and your questions. There is no one else who will compete to get the attention of the guides.

Consult the assistant – The private visit is the only way to make sure you do not miss any information. During private visits, the guide will meet you and meet you at your own pace. The assistant only begins to explain at the appropriate time, and no one else can block your path or access the wizard. You never lose your group because you are the group and the assistant is always with you.

Outstanding Places – Want to see the battlefield for David and Goliath? Want to hike in the desert in a unique valley? Have you ever seen the cave of stalactites? The only way to see unique and unusual places in Israel is to use a private travel guide. A private travel guide to Israel takes you to almost the entire country.

Outside normal hours – with a private guide, you can see Jerusalem at night, with a private guide, you can hike on the snake trail to Massada for sunrise. Only during a private visit can you start and end the visit on your own.

Budget – Private tours are not cheap (compared to a group tour), but if you are traveling with your family or friends who share the costs, it is well worth it. The friendly atmosphere and the personal touch of private tours are worth it.

Lose time – your time in Israel is precious, so you do not want to waste your time waiting for other people. In each group trip, you have this type of family who is always late. You wait for them in the morning from the hoel and wait for them while they shop during the trip. The only way to maximize the time you need to see the places of your trip is to borrow a private travel guide to Israel. Not only do you maximize your time, but you also want to do it in a very light and quiet way.

Kindness – Your travel guide is someone who looks into your eyes, speaks to you from a distance and shares with you both adventures and experiences. From our experience, the guide becomes a member of the family from the beginning.

Shopping and restaurants – A professional travel guide also knows where the right shops are, he can advise you on a reasonable price. A private guide in Israel can recommend and take you to good non-tourist restaurants, authentic restaurants that you will not find in your travel diary.

Meet with Israelis – With a private travel guide, you will have the opportunity to meet Israelis face to face. Visiting a country, especially a country like Israel, is not just a vision of the site. A very important part of touring Israel is to get to know its inhabitants. With a private guide, Judah Tours, you can sit and talk to Israelis, understand their way of life and their culture.

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