The Sad Truth of Psychological Secrecy

Being honest is a basic requirement for psychological health. However, what does it mean to be truly honest? Being honest is not only about not lying outright. It is about setting aside one’s psychological defenses in order to be more truthful to self and others.iso insurance

How can we be more truthful to others? Well, first of all, we can begin with self-awareness. When we interact with the world, sometimes we tend to forget about ourselves. So much happen outside us. But more importantly, so much happen inside us too. So, if you have not had much practice, begin to be more self aware now. In this way, you can truly experience your inner self, and know what you really think, feel and other psychological aspects of the self.

Next, we need to learn how to be open. Expressing ourselves is not something with just anyone. We need to learn to trust. So know people you can trust-people who are trustworthy and morally integral. To be truly honest, we can express, although not every detail about us, but in such a way, that there is no faking taking place.

Now take note, in the context of a psychotherapeutic setting, a client if he or she wants to be helped, then he or she really needs to reveal in its wholeness the important points of his or her inner experiences. Or even the apparently non-important details for that matter. To do this, he or she must lay down his or her emotional defenses. Emotional defenses come about because of painful experiences in childhood. Learning to lay down these defenses is very important because in adult interactions, one cannot function fully if he or she depends on the defenses learned during childhood. The painful experiences can be relived over and over again as a result of unhealthy adaptation.

Now, in therapy, you ought to face your pain. You do not run from it. You change it to something helpful as well. However, we are inclined to keep secrets. If our inner lives will be so caught up in these secrets, the facts underlying personal problems can be so buried deep down that it would take a lot of effort to uncover the truths that can help you move on with our life. Psychological secrecy is a sad truth. There are truths that simply put, we set these aside and hide these from ourselves.

This kind of secrecy can keep us in the dark, afraid and helpless. By being more psychological honest, we can have the chance to acknowledge the experiences we denied and truly move past these to a better future.

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